Disordered For Life

20. Bipolar depression type 2. Recovering bulimic. Anxiety. I hate my life and most of the time I want to die. I do not promote ED's or selfharm in any way. *TRIGGER WARNING* I'm not always online when I'm posting, sometimes I put up a queue when I know I won't have internet, so don't be offended if I don't answer immediately on asks.


My lovely followers, I’m on vacation again and I have really bad internet.. I’m going to look for a wifi spot somewhere, but if I can’t find one, I’m really sorry, stay strong for me ♥

Happy Little Pill, Troye Sivan (via dance-2-the-beat-of-the-drum)

My happy little pill
Take me away
Dry my eyes
Bring colour to my skies
My sweet little pill
Take my hunger
Light within
Numb my skin

unknown (via alice-but-not-in-wonderland)

I’m just a blade of grass
surrounded by a valley.
A drop of water
encased by an ocean.
One person
in a word full of many.
Don’t tell me I matter.
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